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Corporate Packages

Orchid Package

Eleven performers to excite, stimulate, and entertain an audience of any size. An exhilarating and memorable experience of the islands. Five musicians, four female dancers, and two male fire dancers. Blowing of the conch shell, the beating of the drums, shaking of the hips, and enjoying your colleagues and friends on stage. An experience unlike anything else....


Anthirium Package

A comical and entertaining journey of the South Pacific with nine performers. Package includes a four-piece band, four female Polynesian maidens, and a male fire dancer which can be substituted with another musician or female dancer. Any piece can be substituted.

Gardenia Package

Our most popular package of seven performers. Package includes a trio of musicians, three enchanting female dancers, and a fire dancer to excite your company party, or reception, or your own personal luau. "Allow us to bring the South Pacific to you."


Hibiscus Package

An economical package of five that includes two female dancers, two musicians, and a fire dancer for an exciting performance of Polynesia. Fire dance not allowed? Substitute fire dance with an additional dancer or musician.

Ginger Package

A combination of any three. Trio of musicians, two female dancers and one musician, male dancer, female dancer, and musician etc. Best for small receptions, atmosphere-type entertainment, music only functions, etc.

Plumeria Package

One or two of our dancers (male or female) for trade show work, meet/greet, awards/incentive programs, or that special birthday hula.

Additional Services
Additional Services

Palm Leaf weaving

Our traditional weaving service offers hand-crafted pieces made by skilled artisans. We offer demonstrations for guests to view and learn this island custom so your experience can be personal and memorable. Our artisans can weave coconut and palm leaves into hats, headbands, bracelets, birds, fish and many other intricate pieces. See firsthand the beautiful creations that can come from this unique craft.

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